Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All Quiet at the Front

The mass media - and now, online commentators and bloggers or news portals in the internet - keep reminding us that things are not so well in the world. What about things in our country? Or state?

Well, that may be a bit remote to many of us. Let's go nearer to things that are closer to home. What we mean here concerns the Kadazan people.

Before that, it may be helpful if we list the organizations with objectives concerning the lot of the Kadazan people.

We can include the following as having objectives relating to the Kadazan people (many prefer to use the term "Dusunic race".)
1. KDCA - Kadazandusun Cultural Association
2. KLF - Kadazan Language Foundation
3. Kadazandusun Foundation
4. KSS - Kadazan Society Sabah

In the field of politics, we have PBS, UPKO and PBRS, Pasok and so on. The respective leaders of these political parties have the same racial background. PBS and PBRS claim to champion multi-racialism. UPKO reputedly represent the Kadazans. Pasok claims to do the same thing.

One would expect that with all these organizations, political or otherwise, the lot of the majority of Kadazan people will be better off. But it is sad to note that many Kadazan, if not most, are barely scraping the surface in so far as the progress and development of the Kadazan people are concerned. (Note: The term "Kadazan people" is used in a loose sense that also include sub-groups who classify themselves under one of the "Dusunic races.")

Knowing the position of the Kadazan people in the past will be helpful. Those Kadazans who know this need to share this knowledge so that comparison can be made. Only then, the future of the Kadazans can be charted.

If Kadazan (KDM?) leaders fail to see the writings on the wall concerning their people, how can their future be assured? If Kadazan leaders are too individualistic in their approach, how can they help to improve the condition for their people, to help uplift their quality of life? When the God-given rights of their people are assailed, how are they to play their respective role? Will they? Are they ready to make the necessary sacrifice?

Kadazans in every walk of life need to think long and hard how they can lend a hand in the progress of their own people, protection of their rights, and their full participation and enjoyment of the fruits of progress.

Where are the Kadazan people NOW in terms of the following?
  1. 1. Preservation of their identity as a distinct race; Recognition of the Kadazan a distinct people and that this be reflected in government census and official documents.
  2. 2. Be treated as equals in every national and state undertakings, thus, being offered equal opportunities, e.g. scholarships, places in universities, higher level jobs, economic or business opportunities, government contracts, and so on.
  3. 3.Level of respect by other races living in this country

May every Kadazan man or woman, young or not so young realise the predicaments they are in at this very moment. Only with the realization that everything is not right, that one can start to take action to put them right. To tell oneself that nothing is wrong is a recipe for disaster the effects of which no Kadazan may not be able to escape from.

(Note: I had been told that the Kadazan Language is the official language for the natives of Sabah whereas Bundu-Liwan is used as the medium of instruction in the Kadazandusun language taught in certain schools. In politics, leaders have coined KDM - Kadazan-Dusun-Murut.)

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