Friday, May 3, 2013

Third Time in Limbo?

Why talk about "Third Time in Limbo?"

Could it be that the KDM people need a third time in Limbo in order to appreciate the importance of genuine understanding and mutual respect among them? Could they end up in Limbo for the third time after the 13th Malaysian general election? And if Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan and Tan Sri Bernard Dompok lose in this election, what could possibly happen to the KDM people? Would the KDMs' position be better or worse off if Pakatan Rakyat won the election and form the next government?

These are some of the questions that may cross your mind as a KDM. Here are some more.

What do the younger generation of KDM leaders stand for? What are their vision and aspiration for the KDM people? Do they have genuine passion for the well-being of their people?

And more importantly! If the present KDM leaders fail to maintain their position, are these young leaders (who wins) ready to take over the helm of leadership, at least in the political arena? To what height and extent of progress could and would they take their people?

It is inevitable that elections will have repercussions, both positive and negative. This 13th Malaysian general election is no different. Relationships suffer. Friends fall apart. Family members may not talk to each other for a while. A sad state of affairs.

What is of paramount importance is that after the election, no matter who wins or loses, the KDM people come together again as one people for the sake of the coming generations of KDM. KDM leaders from both side of the political divide need to forge a winning formula for the continued progress and development of their people. This is vital in order that KDM people will not be swept into oblivion.

Further, the contribution of KDM leaders who lose are still needed. It does not matter what their political ideology is. Younger leaders who win have nothing to lose if they consider the merits and demerits of the views of their political opponents before making hasty conclusions.

The Huguan Siou Position
It is high time that the Huguan Siou be treated as what it should be: above partisan politics. The main role of the Huguan Siou is to bring about KDM unity; it is the place where differences between KDM leaders or groups are to be resolved; it is a pivotal position for molding genuine understanding and respect between KDM people.

Should there be other honorary positions, apart from the Huguan Siou, that could be awarded to KDM personalities who had made contribution toward the progress of the KDM or helped them in any other way that have lasting impacts? If so, what could these be? Should this happen, these other positions should compliment the role of the Huguan Siou. These are leaders need to be men and women of action whereas the Huguan Siou is ceremonial.

KDCA (Kadazandusun Cultural Association)
KDCA should not be politicised. This will only weaken its standing and influence among the KDM, particularly the young.

By identifying and adopting the right strategies, KDCA can play a vital role in carrying out activities that lead to the overall development of the KDM people on a continuous basis. True enough, some of these are already in written form. But how far actions have been taken to achieve such objectives? KDCA need to recruit people with abilities to translate proposals into concrete action. If not, how can the KDM be a better position ten, twenty, fifty years from now?

One of the important areas where KDCA can play its role is in the field of education. KDM's educational development should be made as one of the main activities of KDCA. Education is the only sure way of ensuring a secure future for the KDM people. What happened to the proposed Kadazan educational foundation that was supposed to be spearheaded by KDCA or some other group affiliated to KDCA?

What next?
The KDMs do not need a third time in Limbo.

However, you may notice that the KDMs are nowhere nearer their aspiration to become a progressive people, on par with other races in the Federation. Could this be a kind of Limbo? If it is not heaven, could it be hell?

Whatever happens, remember you have a home here!

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